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The Lead Instituion for the UN Decade Action


The tourism industry of the Pacific is dependent on coral reefs for their business, and this industry has the most to lose from the loss of coral reefs. Many resorts recognize this connection, and when approached are willing to invest in hiring trained professional coral gardeners as permanent staff. Coral gardeners are also trained to interact with the indigenous reef using communities and to work with them to create permanent no-take areas around resorts,  and to assist the coral gardeners, while providing meaningful jobs.


Coral reef restoration can be a useful tool if well integrated into a community-based management framework and to support tourism. The tourism industry is uniquely situated to contribute to climate action and the conservation of coral reefs. Our approach mainstreams the work into the primary industry, in areas where national governments do not have the resources to support national parks and conservation officers. 


Resort Partnerships

Community Involvement

Resort Partnerships

Community Involvement

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Fiji Band_edited_edited.png

Community Engagement

We work to reinforce participatory community decision making and youth leadership in tackling the climate and coral reef crises. Our skilled community officers facilitate a participatory planning process through which customary users and owners of the coral reefs create management plans that include setting aside rotational no-fishing “tabu” areas, permanent no-take zones, subsistence zones, and commercial fishing zones. Waste management issues are dealt with and alternative livelihoods are introduced to replace over-reliance on fishing as the major economic activity.  These livelihoods include small scale poultry farming, seaweed farming, coconut products, and soap making. Coral gardening is used as an educational activity and in support of community-based tourism and reef guide businesses. Healthy coral reefs with bleaching resistant coral populations will be more resilient to climate change.

Alternative livelihoods

Coral Gardening


listed members of our community page have provided endorsement or support towards the objectives of Corals 4 Conservation now or in the past, not all identified parties share a formal partnership with our organisation. we simply wish to acknowledge any and all contributions they have made towards our organisations work.

People, Organisations and institutions which share our dreams for reef restoration

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